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How to Successfully Manage Your Collaborative Divorce 

Collaborative divorce is described as an option for divorce outside of court that minimizes conflict, improves family relations and co-parenting, give couples more say in the outcome of their settlement and prevents the costs and stress associated with a court trial. If managed well, collaborative divorce can be a strong option for reducing conflict, ensuring financial transparency, prioritizing the needs of children, giving both spouses more opportunity to customize their future settlement and increase cooperation. However, if not managed well, collaborative divorce can also be dangerous to you emotionally and financially.

 A thorough understanding of collaborative divorce, the misconceptions, and risks involved can help you navigate these areas and are critical to your ability to successfully lead your family through the process.

What is collaborative divorce?

"Working in the resilience field, there has long been a gap in understanding the collaborative divorce process which can be a cause for great emotional, physical, and mental stress. This book brings a deep understanding of the process and the skills needed to feel more clear, confident, and supported as you navigate this major transition point in life."


- Jen Schneeman, Author, Self-Care and Resilience Program, Real Human Performance

Don't Be Left In The Dark About The Misconceptions And Limitations of Collaborative Divorce. 
Before You Agree,
Arm Yourself with the Understanding
Skills and Tools for Success. 

You think you’ll be better understood and represented than traditional litigation.


Everyone says it costs less and takes less time than traditional litigation.


Collaborative divorce feels like a lifesaver, sparing you from court. 


You’re told that collaborative divorce is a kinder, more gentle divorce.




You feel pressured to agree to a Collaborative Divorce. 


You think it’s better for your family and shields your children from the courtroom.


Your region encourages Collaborative Divorce, so it must be better. 


It seems like a simple series of meetings to reach a fair settlement.


Understandably, that’s what most professionals are saying
when clients come to them requesting
the most peaceful and collaborative divorce option.

There are many potentially damaging limitations and misconceptions of Collaborative Divorce that you need to know about before you agree to it. 

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It is not in your best interest to agree to a collaborative divorce without first completely understanding its Process and Potentially Harmful limitations. 
Set Yourself Up For Success By Learning To
Effectively Manage Its Limitations.

That bothers me. Which is exactly the reason why I wrote this book. I want this vital information that explains all the pros and costly cons to be available to you right now - the moment you need it most.

If you have already started the Collaborative Divorce, it’s not too late. The information in this book may save you thousands of dollars. It will also help you manage your Collaborative Divorce so that you have the chance build the future you want for yourself and your children.

Hardly Anyone Is Talking About This And People Are Suffering In Silence.

Here Are Just A Few Things That Can Go Wrong In Collaborative Divorce.
That Almost No One Is Talking About! 

You can be blamed by your own attorney for not behaving correctly during meetings.


You can be accused of delaying The Process.


Your spouse’s history of bad behavior or absent parenting may be ruled out as irrelevant.


Your team is inefficient and you still pay their hourly rate.


You may experience blatant gender bias.


Your lawyer may be more loyal to the Process than to you.


There’s no guarantee the Family Specialist will act fairly as a facilitator in meetings.


Your lawyer may prioritize the team’s needs over yours at certain points in The Process.


There is no third-party or judge outside of The Process to hold the professionals accountable. You are 100% percent vulnerable to their opinions of you.


You may be vulnerable to paid professionals who mismanage The Process.


Your voice may be silenced because it’s impeding The Process.


You may also be blamed for any lack of efficiency, if team meetings aren’t productive.


This is Just the Beginning Of What You Need To Be Aware Of
To Successfully Manage Your Collaborative Divorce. 

Very few people are discussing the potentially devastating limitations of Collaborative Divorce.

The hard news is that the majority of those who discover the hidden limitations of Collaborative Divorce – find out too late.

But the good news is what you need to know is available to you right now.

Armed with this vital information, it puts you in an empowered position for success!

Don't Feel Badly If This Is The First Time You're Hearing About it... 

Yes, A Collaborative Divorce Can Be Your Best Option,
BUT Only When You Fully Understand What It Is And How To Manage It

"The Process" of Collaborative Divorce determines whether you win (or lose) your Collaborative Divorce.

One worst-case scenario is that you’re locked into The Process with an inadequate Team who don’t represent your best interests. Or who are biased against you! Collaborative Divorce can last years and cost you way more than you ever thought possible. In some cases, it costs even more than traditional litigation. And in the end, you could still go to court.

If You Are Confused About What Is Called "The Process", It’s Imperative That You Learn Every Aspect Of It...

YET, When You Have All The Information You Need Today,
It’s Possible To Successfully Manage Your Collaborative Divorce
In A Way That It Delivers On Its Promise Of A More Peaceful Divorce Framework.

Divorce Is One Of The Hardest And Most Vulnerable Human Experiences.
It Puts Your Back To The Wall Both Financially And Emotionally.
I Wrote This Book To Empower Anyone Considering A Collaborative Divorce.

This Book Is Your Loyal Guide.
Read It To Empower You. 


How to Make Good Hiring  Decisions.


How to Assess Your Risk Factors  For Collaborative Divorce.


What is The Process and How It 
Limits You.


The Dangerous Misconceptions of Collaborative Divorce.


This Book Provides 9 Core Vital Lessons on How to Prepare Yourself to Win at Collaborative Divorce.

This Book Provides 9 Vital Lessons On How To Prepare Yourself To Win At Collaborative Divorce.

Powerful Tools for Emotional And
Mental Strength.


How to Deal with Gender Bias And Stop it Before It Begins.


When Collaborative Divorce May Not Be the Right Option.


How to Successfully Manage Your Collaborative Divorce To Protect Yourself. 


How To Build Your Own Team Outside Of The Process.


Despite The Many Risks And Pitfalls Of Collaborative Divorce,
It Is Possible To Transform Your Experience Into A Positive One.

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It’s about not being victim to gender bias.

It's about walking into your Collaborative Divorce meetings confident, fully prepared,
and in charge of your future.

It’s about feeling totally supported every step of the way.

It’s about saving thousands of dollars by hiring the right team from the beginning.  

   It’s about the most peaceful       win-win divorce. 

It’s about being informed and confident.


That’s what this book is all about.
Empower yourself right now, this minute.


     - S.T., MSW 

“This book is a must read for anyone considering a collaborative divorce” 

- Jen Schneeman, Author, Self-Care and Resilience Program, Real Human Performance

"Working in the resilience field, there has long been a gap in understanding the collaborative divorce process which can be a cause for great emotional, physical, and mental stress. This book brings a deep understanding of the process and the skills needed to feel more clear, confident, and supported as you navigate this major transition point in life."

                               - Debbi, Illinois 

"This book is filled with excellent content everyone needs to know before going through a divorce! It's invaluable information that will save time, money and heartache. This is the best how-to help guide for navigating a divorce and a must-read before you get started down that road."


My sincere hope is that How to Win at Collaborative Divorce will serve as a powerful companion guide to help manage your divorce from a place of strength and clarity to prevent you from being harmed by its many pitfalls that can catch you by surprise during The Process.


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